Saturday, 23 June 2018

Johnny Thunders - Live at CBGB`s 25th July 1975

Youtube Channel Shut Down!!

Hi Folks,
I`m not sure if you have noticed yet but the sites youtube channel was shut down yesterday due to copyright infringement. Basically we`d a couple of take down notices on some videos and when it reaches 3 in a 3 month period youtube closes the channel. The channel had 3500 subscribers and over 100k hours of watch time in a year, which was pretty good going really!
Needless to say it`s disappointing, frustrating and all that jazz, but the good news is that most of the videos were able to be salvaged, and the process of repopulating the new channel has already started!
So, if you could subscribe to it I`d be very grateful indeed!
I`ve added a Jimi Hendrix video to help direct you to the channel and have already got one of the last rock n roll movie videos back up there too.
Cheers and hopefully thanks for your support!!