Wednesday, 20 February 2019

Rick Rivets (founding member of the New York Dolls) R.I.P 19/02/2019

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Its with great sadness that I post this!! I've just heard that veteran NY Rocker Rick Rivets has passed away. The afterlife has just gotten a whole lot more NY city all of a sudden. I'd like to think that Arthur, Stuboy Wilder & Rick are jamming out a version of Mental Moron somewhere up there right now! 

To commemorate Ricks life and contribution to Rock N Roll, here is a very rare Corpse Grinders bootleg recorded in CBGB's on the 21st of June 1978 (In full glorious FLAC). 
So lift your glass and crank up the volume on more time for Rick!!


And here's a link to a great interview with Rick as well. Enjoy!!: