Friday, 4 December 2020

Johnny Thunders Tribute Belfast Style. The Wild Bill Werch Tribute!!


There are few people who can bring me out of retirement and make me want to post more great JT related tunes and one of them is my old mate Wild Bill Werch! Without the Bill this blog would not exist in any format! The man turned me onto so much amazing music. He furnished me with rare JT boots before I ever new that such a thing existed! He introduced me to the Hollywood brats for Christs sake! 

So before you hit that download button drink a toast to the man who made it all possible, my old buddy Wild Bill! Human generosity was always present when Bill was involved, and that spirit of giving was what lead me to set up the blog. If I'm being honest I set up the blog as a way to give back a little of what he gave me. 

So lets hear it for the big man!! Slante to Bill, a legend in my lifetime! Many Thanks and always a welcome visitor to anything that I am involved with.

With that being said, get your ears around this promo single for a series of JT related gigs hosted in the Devils playground/capital city of Belfast!! Enjoy Amigos!!

Get the Bill Tribute Here