PROTO PUNK APOTHECARY: The Famous Monsters - London Demos ( Uk Band featuring Patti Palladin on Backing Vocals))

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

The Famous Monsters - London Demos ( Uk Band featuring Patti Palladin on Backing Vocals))

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The Famous Monsters were a London based band that toured for a while but never released an official album. These recordings are studio recordings that they put together with a view to having them released but the band disbanded before that happened due to death, drugs and everything else. The Band included Tom Crossley from the Phobics, Mick Atkins from Wasted Youth, Giovanni de Dadomo of the Snivelling Shits, Paul Tohill from the Moores and Andy Scott also from Wasted youth and also briefly from Hawkwind. Patti Palladin does backing vocals on a couple of tracks and Topper Headon from the Clash played drums at times with them. I`m not sure if its Topper or Andy who are playing the drums on these recordings. They were unfortunately never released. I was given the demos by Mick who unfortunately has headed off to the great gig in the sky along with Gio. So its great to have these recordings out there. Tom Crossley is rocking things out with his current band the phobics who are well worth checking out too.
They can be found here:


  1. Hi these demos were started at my studio Shadowlands in Forest Gate. I had been the drummer in October Revolution with Mick and Steve Pear. Our first gig was at the Bridge House Canning Town around '81. I also played with The Famous Monsters a few times in North London not as the Drummer but on the Harmonica. That's me on the recordings. I still have the DAT masters somewhere. Great to hear it again.

  2. Hi Paul, Nice one! Any friend of Micks is a friend of mine! I stayed with him back in 2004 for the Dolls gig at the meltdown fest. Paul Tohill introduced us and (another ex monster) the rest is history! I`m glad you commented. The tracks are amazing and its one of the great crimes in the world that it was never released. I`d be curious of those DAT tapes :)
    Its good to make your acquaintance!! Cheers Buddy!!
    Alabaster Jones