PROTO PUNK APOTHECARY: Iggy Pop - Jam session 1972

Friday, 6 October 2017

Iggy Pop - Jam session 1972

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Disc Two

Disc One

I had previously been led to believe that these these recordings featured the great James williamson, but I have been assured by James that these recordings are not in fact him. So, if anyone out there has any idea as to who the musicians on this recording are, then please let me know. And apologies to all (particularly James) for any confusion on my part.


  1. Hi there Alabaster Jones...this is James Williamson...while these are interesting jam sessions and no doubt that is Iggy...the guitar player isn't please remove my name from these

    1. Hi James,
      Thanks for letting me know. I`ve amended the title and added a comment to set the record straight. Sorry for any confusion. I got the discs in a trade years ago and that`s how they were presented.
      Thanks for getting in touch, much appreciated!
      Alabaster Jones

    2. I checked through Open Up and Bleed for a reference to these but there doesn't seem to be anything obvious. It's possible that the guitarist is Mike Page and these date from the time Iggy was dividing his time between LA and San Diego after the Stooges folded (1975ish). There isn't much documented about what they did and these could be undocumented home tapes. The guitarist is definitely a blues aficionado, which fits the description of Mike. The fact that Iggy has to teach him Waiting For the Man is a clue. Most rock guitarists would know of that one.

  2. I love the hell out of this. I can't thank you enough for sharing this great music.