PROTO PUNK APOTHECARY: The Brats - Criminal Guitar

Tuesday, 10 October 2017

The Brats - Criminal Guitar

The Brats – Criminal Guitar/Rock Candy [NY Proto-Punk/Glam ...

I`ve been after the Brats albums since forever and I`ve just found them over on Surfadelic`s blog, so I`m sharing the links to them. Hopefully they`ll be released on cd at some point and we can buy them.



  1. Well, its about time. You have caused me a great deal of grief over the past two weeks or so Mr?s. Jones. Ever since that fateful step from Surfadelic to your little corner of the web. I have basically rarely come up for air since. I have bills to pay, a job to keep, a bike to gas, and souls to collect, and I have been seriously derelic in all the above.
    I finally paused because after poking about the first days I decided there is just ZERO fat on this blog, so back to post one I went, and this is the very first link that has failed, that is just unheard of, and were talking about 400 posts from day one to this one (and soooo many more to go). I mean Holy'El Mate. And I thought I knew my stuff around the Dolls/Iggy et al but you have had me having to hit the webs a few times only to be stunned that I was so unaware. First I wantsed to Marry You, Then just turn others on to you, now I have settled on I just want to be a piece of whatever it takes to keep you doijng what you do oh sooo goood.
    I RARELY, Surfadelic is an exception, of active blogs, give a !!! or blather on with compliments but this blog should be a sticky for any who want to know about all that rock encompases, whether you are 12 or been around a long long year as I, if you cannot be stummped here, well, you are a bigger Devil than I.
    I hate to burden those that do not deserve it, but if you could, you would make for one happy Devil. The Brats, not rock candy, have been zapped by zippy, if you could possibly re-up, well, but if not, I will still continue to build you a room in one of my eternal luxury resorts down here where you will find many many familiar faces, our roles are kept quite confidential you know, but you have many fans here who are happy you are keeping their music alive, Oh, and, the bar tabs always taken care of, and it better stocked than well, vice is my game now, so,if you can imagine it, you bet its here. And always gratis, always open and always less than a stones thrown guitar pick away.
    I'll leave you with this:

    KUDOS!!! Mr?sAlaBaSTeRjOneS & PROtoPuNkApotHeCarY

    1. Wow!! Thanks very much for taking the time to write that great comment! Its great to hear from people. There are around 7 or 8 people who take the time to drop me a comment and it really is appreciated. I'm glad youre digging the posts. They are the result of years of obsession. I lost a hard drive with loads of irreplaceable stuff on it, so ive tried to upload as much of what I have as i could in case I ever lost the music again. I have updated the link on this page to this album, so it should now be yours to behold. Thanks for the comment and I look forward to taking up residence in that luxury resort of yours. Cheers Amigo and Keep on Rocking! LAMF