PROTO PUNK APOTHECARY: Johnny Thunders gigs from now until New years eve!

Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Johnny Thunders gigs from now until New years eve!

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Hi Folks,
Just to make sure that everyone is well ready for the festive season and new year, I`m going to post a new JT gig everyday between now and then, so keep checking in for them!
I`ve some amazing ones yet to add and some rare ( but not so great sounding ) ones that I`ll stick up too for those completists amongst us! Some of the gigs have a few flaws that came about from the original taper transfering their tapes to a digital format, but with a wee tweak here and there theyre easily sorted and well worth having as they are not often made available.
Anyway, thanks for sticking with me throughout the past year and watch this space!

P.S. Any feedback on any of the gigs in terms of quality etc is more than welcome!! Thanks


  1. Happy for any opportunity to hear any Dolls and post-Dolls performances. Thanks!

  2. I am very excited for that!

  3. Cheers Guys! Thanks for the comments, much appreciated!

  4. Passaic NJ '91 by chance?