PROTO PUNK APOTHECARY: Mink Deville - Live at the Paradise club

Monday, 30 October 2017

Mink Deville - Live at the Paradise club

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I`m not 100%, But I suspect that this was recorded on the 30th Dec 1982. Enjoy!!



  1. Hi,
    I'm always happy to see a post of Mink (Willy) DeVille. Thanks.
    For my part, I think it's a concert at The Boston Paradise the 20/07/1978 during the tour following the issue of return to Magenta. The setlist would be : Intro/Venus Of Avenue D/Gunslinger/Spanish Stroll/Mixed Up Shook Up Girl/Just Your Friends/Guardian Angel/Cadillac Walk/She's So Tough/Steady Drivin' Man/Soul Twist/Just You And Me, Darling/ Desperate Days/ Shadows In The Night.

    1. Hi Jean Jacques. Thanks for the post! You may well be right about the date on this one as I`m not sure about it at all. I saw that Willy did play at the paradise club in Dec 1982 and there is a bootleg of that gig available, so I kind of figured that that was it, but you seem to have a better angle on it, so I`d say that you are right with it! I have some more Mink Deville bootlegs which I`ll get uploaded on here soon. I may put up all of the Deville discs I have at some point too. Its great music and Willy has such a cool voice and sound that its a must for everyone who loves music. Thanks again for your post and visiting this blog. Much appreciated!
      Alabaster Jones